We are happy you found your way to Amble Art.  Your adventure is about to begin!

Amble Art is a combination, some might say a hodge podge, of art.  You will find art by my sons and me.  Alex is 21 and Pasha is 16.  I encourage the guys to have a creative outlet in our household of analytical people.  They both also want spending money so this was one way they could learn a little about business, make some spending money, and contribute to their college funds.  My goal is that the guys contribute 10% of their sales to charities.
My two sons and I draw and paint.  In addition, I have tried to come up with additional products for Alex to make that loosely fall under the “art” umbrella.  Both guys are very creative.  Alex loves to build and invent things.  Pasha mostly likes to explore.  That's the nice way to say he likes to get into everything. 

When Alex was 3-5 years old, he loved to paint.  Now Alex has many interests so painting and art often take a backseat to other things.  Pasha also has many interests to keep him busy.

Enjoy the other pages on the website (which may still be under construction) and we would appreciate if you tell 3 people about it.  If you can tell 5 or more that would be great and I know some of you will tell your entire address book!  We are doing this with no promotion so anything that happens will be as a result of word-of-mouth from you.